steve newton

Portfolio: Erotica


I have recently been creating these digital paintings - they are erotic in nature and to some perhaps pornographic. My goal is to produce loving, beautiful, sexual images. I am keen not to offend or upset. Personally I do not find anything offensive or obscene about sex. I believe in the beauty and power of sex, sexuality and eroticism. Besides being fun sex is sacred and enlightening. Sexuality is surely part of everyone's personal, social and political lives, even if most people conspire to pretend that it is not. I have long enjoyed viewing erotic art – it is a part of who I am. If you feel that you may be offended please avoid viewing this work.

The use of Japanese text overlay is a visual reference to the Japanese 'Shunga' prints. The text that I use is taken from some hand-written manuscript books of the Meiji period or earlier (1868-1912). These are books of philosophy and poetry. The text also obscures, adding texture and a quality of the 'happy accident'. This gives the work a distance for me and adds another dimension which I enjoy.